Easter Rice Krispie Treats Easter Eggs on Sticks

6 Cups of Rice Krispies Cereal
1 10 oz. Bag of Kraft Marshmallows
2 Tbsp. Butter
Bright Food Colors (Gel always works best)
1 Package of White Almond Bark
Pink, Green, Blue Colored Chocolate Melts
Cake Pop Sticks
Egg Shaped Cookie Cutter

  1. Combine Butter and Marshmallows in a Microwave Safe Bowl and Microwave 1-2 Minutes stirring every 30 seconds until smooth.
  2. Slowly add in Food Coloring until your desired color is met remember it will be a lot lighter once you add in the cereal.
  3. Add in the Rice Krispies Cereal and Mix Well until everything is coated.
  4. Place Mixture onto a greased cookie sheet and press to about ¾” – 1″ Thick.
  5. Cut out Shapes using an Egg Shaped Cookie Cutter while still soft. Remove additional around the edges and repeat until all the mixture has been used.
  6. Place in the Freezer for 15 Minutes.
  7. Remove From Freezer and Insert Cake Pop Sticks in the base of the Eggs.
  8. Melt Almond Bark according to the Package Directions.
  9. Use Melted Almond Bark and spoon over the Rice Krispies Eggs, Set aside to cool and harden.
  10. Place Colored Chocolate Melts in a Decorating Bag and melt in 15 second intervals until smooth
  11. Cut a small tip off and drizzle over the Rice Krispie Eggs to add color!

Original Recipes visit: Easter Rice Krispie Treats Easter Eggs on Sticks @ passionforsavings.com

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