5 Ingredient Beef Stroganoff Recipe

5 Ingredient Beef Stroganoff RecipeThis Crock Pot Beef Stroganoff recipe could not be any easier to make! With only five ingredients, a working crockpot, and a few hours on your hands, this beef stroganoff recipe can be made by anyone with a slow cooker! In fact, it’s so simple that, in no time, you’ll know how to make beef stroganoff based on memory alone.

5 Ingredient Beef Stroganoff Recipe



1 pound of stew meat
1 (10.75 ounce) can of cream of onion soup (if you can’t find cream of onion soup, then use 1 packet of Lipton dry onion soup mix and an extra can of cream of mushroom soup)
1 (10.75 ounce) can of cream of mushroom soup (if you don’t like cream of mushroom, cream of chicken works great too!)
8 ounces of egg noodles
1/2 cup of sour cream
4 ounce can sliced mushrooms (optional)


  1. In a crock pot toss in stew meat, cream of onion soup and can of mushroom soup.
  2. Place lid on crock pot and cook on low for 3- 4 hours, depending on your crock pot. (Mine cooks hot so 2 – 3 hours is plenty for me, however most readers tell me it needs 3 – 4 hours for their crock pots).
  3. After 3 – 4 hours, when meat is cooked through, stir well and turn off crock pot. READ MORE

Recipe by: numstheword.com

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