4 Ingredient Instant Pot Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

This easy 4 ingredient Instant Pot macaroni and cheese recipe is the best dinner ever! Just 8 minutes to the perfect pressure cooker mac and cheese loaded with creamy cheeses and bacon too if you want. It’s a great after school snack for kids and the quickest homemade macaroni and cheese recipe ever.

Servings: 4


3 c noodles macaroni or shell are good
4 c water
1 c evaporated milk
3 c cheese can use more of course
pinch of salt
2 tbsp bacon bits optional
3 tbsp butter


  1. Add your water, macaroni noodles, and salt.  Put your Instant Pot or pressure cooker on manual, high pressure, for 3 minutes (4 minutes for softer noodles).
  2. Lock lid on and close pressure valve. 
  3. Do a quick pressure release when time is up, turn IP off. Carefully open the lid. Drain remaining water.
  4. Visit Instant Pot Macaroni and Cheese @ temeculablogs.com for full instructions.

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