Easy Tiramisu Recipe

This is a traditional recipe made using raw eggs that are not cooked or tempered, and with only mascarpone – no cream! (Read note 5 for why)

Serves: 6-8


3 eggs, yolks and whites separated
½ cup caster sugar (known as super fine / baker’s sugar in the US)
½ tsp vanilla extract
8 oz / 250g mascarpone*
1¼ cups hot espresso coffee – strong!**
2 tbsp (or more!) of liquor of choice – I like Frangelico and Kahlua
6.5oz/200g lady fingers (24 – 30), pavesini or savoiardi biscuits***
Cocoa, for dusting


  1. Beat yolks and sugar in stand mixer on medium high for 12 minutes or until white and thick.****
  2. Add vanilla and mascarpone, beat until just combined. Transfer mixture to a bowl, set aside.
  3. Clean bowl and whisk. Beat egg whites until stiff.
  4. Fold ⅓ of the yolk mixture into the egg whites. Then gradually fold the remaining yolk mixture in and mix until just combined.
  5. Visit recipetineats.com for full directions.

*Mascarpone is an Italian cheese but it tastes like cream, it’s not salty at all. The texture is like soft goats cheese
**I use 3 capsules to make enough coffee for this recipe. Lady fingers can differ in absorbency and also, you will be surprised how quickly they soak up the coffee. Which is why I make 1½ cups – because it’s so annoying to run out in the middle of making the tiramisu.
***You need enough Savoiardi for 2 layers for a 8”/20cm square dish.
****You can get away with beating the yolks just until thick and the sugar is dissolved – around 5 minutes. The reason I beat it for longer is because it makes the cream nice and white rather than yellow.
5. Many recipes make tiramisu by beating eggs over a double boiler but this is not the traditional way to make Tiramisu. The history behind that is that in the past when the quality and freshness of produce was not as good as it is today, people were scared to use raw eggs for fear of getting sick. And because of this, the version of Tiramisu where the eggs are cooked over a double boiler evolved. Nowadays, using raw eggs in cooking is so much more acceptable because the quality of fresh produce is so much better – think mayonnaise (raw yolks), lemon meringue pie (raw egg whites under the browned top). However, the real traditional way to make Tiramisu (and this is an Italian Chef recipe) is to use raw eggs. So that’s the way I make my Tiramisu!

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