Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings & Drumettes Recipe

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Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings & Drumettes RecipeGarlic Parmesan Wings & Drumettes are super easy because they are baked, not fried.

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Servings: 40


2 pkgs – approx 40 chicken wings/drumettes
1 tsp black pepper
2 tbsp granulated garlic + more for dusting
2 tsp season salt
1/3 cup olive oil
1 cup parmesan cheese- divided


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Combine oil, pepper, season salt, garlic powder, 1/2 cup parmesan cheese & chicken in a large bowl & toss to thoroughly coat the chicken.
  3. Lay out in a single layer on a large baking sheet with rack. READ MORE

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