Chewy Monster Cookie Recipes

Chewy Monster Cookie Recipes – Soft, chewy and downright delicious these Monster Cookie are a fun and spooky recipe that the whole family will love. Chewy Monster Cookie Recipes Servings: 24 cookies Ingredients 1/2 cup salted butter softened1 cup brown sugar1/2 cup creamy peanut butter1 large egg2 tsp vanilla3/4 cup all-purpose flour1 tsp baking soda1 … Read more

Halloween Bloody Cupcakes Recipe

Bloody Halloween Cupcakes Recipe – These bloody cupcakes are a delicious way to celebrate the Halloween season. There are three steps to the process of making these bloody cupcakes. Whether you’re looking to create a Halloween party treat or something fun in the kitchen with your family this Halloween season, these bloody cupcakes will surely … Read more

Slice and Bake Halloween Cookies Recipe

Slice and Bake Halloween Cookies Recipe – These Slice and Bake Halloween Cookies are easy, fun Halloween sugar cookies with surprise designs hidden inside! This recipe provides instructions for making the black cat cookie design, just as an example, but you can use the same basic concept to make an endless variety of designs, just … Read more

Bubbling Witch’s Cauldron Brownies Recipe

Bubbling Witch’s Cauldron Brownies Recipe – We love making these bubbling witch’s cauldron brownies for our halloween party each year! This is an easy halloween treat for kids to help with! Halloween brownies only call for a handful of ingredients! Bubbling Witch’s Cauldron Brownies Recipe Ingredients 1 box of brownie mix plus the ingredients listed … Read more

Halloween Sprinkle Cookies Recipe

Halloween Sprinkle Cookies Recipe – Halloween Sprinkle Cookies are a festive & sweet way to celebrate Halloween! Soft, easy Halloween cookie recipe covered in orange and black sprinkles then baked to cookie perfection. Halloween Sprinkle Cookies Recipe Servings: 24 Ingredients 1 cup butter room temperature1 cup granulated sugar2 eggs3 tsp vanilla2 1/4 cups all purpose … Read more

Creamsicle Mini Orange Halloween Cupcakes Recipe

Creamsicle Mini Orange Halloween Cupcakes Recipe – These orange Halloween cupcakes are the perfect pumpkin alternative! They taste just like a Creamsicle: a tantalizing combination of smooth vanilla and juicy orange fruit. Creamsicle Mini Orange Halloween Cupcakes Recipe Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour1/2 teaspoon baking powder1/4 teaspoon baking soda1/4 teaspoon salt1/2 cup butter, softened1 … Read more

Halloween Monster Cookies Recipe

Halloween Monster Cookies Recipe – Bake up the best Halloween monster cookies. Simple cookies with eyes. Fun and coolest eyeball cookies kids and adults love. Halloween Monster Cookies Recipe SERVINGS 30 INGREDIENTS 3 cups flour¼ teaspoon baking soda¾ teaspoon salt1 teaspoon baking powder1 cup 2 sticks butter, room temperature2 ounces cream cheese softened1 ¼ cups … Read more

Oreo Layered Halloween Brownies Recipe

Oreo Layered Halloween Brownies Recipe – Looking for the perfect Halloween brownies idea? You are going to love these Oreo Brownies. This chewy brownie recipe is a perfect recipe for any brownie lover. Recipe by: SERVINGS 24 INGREDIENTS 1 Brownie Mix2 eggs1/3 cup of oil1/3 cup of milk1 Package of Oreo’s with orange filling1 … Read more

Candy Corn Jello Recipe

Candy Corn Jello Recipe – These super simple Candy Corn Jell-O cups will make for a super easy and fun fall and Halloween treat. Two boxes of Jell-O and some whipped topping and you have one colorful candy “cornish” treat. Perfect for Halloween parties or even an after school treat. Candy Corn Jello Recipe Ingredients … Read more

Bewitched Cake Recipe

Bewitched Cake Recipe – This gorgeous marble Bewitched Cake is perfect for a Halloween party and so very easy to make. We have all the directions you’ll need to make it yourself. Bewitched Cake Recipe INGREDIENTS White Cake MixChocolate Cake MixThe Best Buttercream FrostingWilton Color Right Food Coloring – YellowWilton Color Right Food Coloring – … Read more